Molly's Girl (2012) repost

An emotional misfit named Molly believes she's found love in a drunken one-night stand with a gay-marriage lesbian activist named Mercedes. But once sober, Mercedes discovers she cannot escape the clingy and desperate Molly. As she's about to call upon all of her legal options to rid herself of Molly, Mercedes learns that Molly's father is actually an influential state senator opposed to gay marriage. Seeing this as a golden opportunity, Mercedes convinces Molly to pretend that they are an engaged lesbian couple, though Molly's not at all gay, as a way to drive a stake into the senator's politics. But as Mercedes gets to know Molly's family, she begins to understand who Molly is and why they surprisingly share so much in common.



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Ashley (2013)

A teenage girl, distraught from her vain attempt to connect with her estranged mother, resorts to cutting herself. When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns to accept her sexuality and the endless solitude of sprawling suburbia.


Cloudburst (2011) TORRENT REPOST

Cloudburst is a 2011 Canadian-American adventure comedy-drama film by American-Canadian writer and director Thom Fitzgerald, which premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 16, 2011.
A lesbian couple escape from their nursing home and head up to Canada to get married. Along the way, they pick up a young, male hitchhiker.



ελληνικοι υποτιτλοι απο την ζαφ

Face 2 Face (2013)

Face 2 Face is a feature length documentary that follows the 11,000 mile cross country adventure of Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Katherine Brooks (Loving Annabelle, Waking Madison, “The Osbournes,” “The Real World: San Diego”).
After major surgery, Katherine found herself feeling isolated and alone. Spending her days on Facebook, Katherine noticed she had 5,000 virtual friends, but had not had a hug in over a month. Struck with the idea that it takes more than a friend request to be a friend, she posted the status update: the first 50 people who say YES…I’m coming to your city to meet you face to face.
Within 9 minutes, Katherine had her 50.
Funded solely by 846 backers on Kickstarter, in the summer of 2011, Katherine set out on a journey that would change her life and those around her.


Three Veils (2011)

Three Veils offers a poignant, dramatic tale of three young Middle-Eastern American women and their colliding lives. Occasionally, the film paints its settings and characters with a rather broad brush, and the script contains uneven moments, but it’s an earnest, entertaining and heartfelt production.
Leila (Mercedes Masöhn) is the pretty, stable “girl next door.” She relates her adventures in make out purgatory to Nikki (Sheetal Sheth), her free-spirited best friend.
Amira (Angela Zahra), our third protagonist, is a shy, resolutely religious girl with five-alarm lesbian tendencies and a rigid, uncompromising mother.
The performances are fantastic – of course, Sheetal Sheth is amazing and beautiful (she was a lead in both The World Unseen and I Can’t Think Straight), and Angela Zahra is phenomenal as the conflicted, fundamentally good Amira. It’s impossible not to feel for her, both as the introverted girl who only wants to be accepted and later, as a woman who feels torn between her feelings and her faith.
Leila is a sympathetic presence as well, though it’s her family dynamic that makes her story the most interesting. The daughter of an overbearing, judgmental mother and a loving, understanding father, she wades through territory that is at once treacherous and fascinating. When trouble arises with Ali, it’s dad who recognizes his daughter’s unhappiness first and encourages her to follow her heart – a nice touch and a subversion of the “overbearing male” stereotype that tends to rear its head in lesbian cinema.
It’s clear that a whole lot of love and energy went into this production. Writer/director Rolla Selbak has crafted a story that features young Middle Eastern women dealing with several aspects of culture, religion and the successful navigation of these tricky waters in the world we live in – and the film thrives on its subtle, nuanced core performances. Despite a few mild missteps, Three Veils comes with a hearty recommendation. Review by AfterEllen


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LSB the series - Season 1

Audio Language: Italiano
LSB is the first Italian web series dedicated to lesbian girls last generation.
Rome, college, life between roommates, loves that begin to come to terms with society, prejudice and often with doubt about his identity. LSB then tells the story of a group of friends who from different points of view, often very distant, are confronted on the subject of homosexuality. For this series is geared to an audience including non-gay, but certainly curious and friendly.
It is a series of twelve episodes entirely written and self-produced by Geraldine Ottier and Floriana Buonomo. The two young authors have wanted to challenge the silence and the stereotypes that still pay into the gay world women with few resources and a lot of passion.
Geraldine and Floriana offer the public the Italian web this their first job to try to draw one of the many contours of love and friendship between young women.

 Episodes 1-7:

Episodes 8-12:

Subtitles: English (soft)

Circumstance (2011) - Repost

Featuring a lesbian love story between two teenagers in contemporary Iran, Circumstance is a family drama that examines the conflict between Iranian youths who yearn to express themselves — and who will go to great lengths to do so — against a repressive establishment that seeks to stamp out anything it perceives to be evil.
The story centers around the relationship between schoolgirls Atafeh (Nikohl Boosheri) and Shireen (Sarah Kazemy), both of whom were raised by well-to-do intellectuals. Their environments have somewhat sheltered them from the fundamentalist element the country, though it is evident that women are second class citizens and their upper class status doesn't make them immune from the Big Brother element in modern day Iran.
While Mehran’s transformation from washed out junkie to zealot feels more like a plot device, the love affair between Atafeh and Shireen is expertly written, and the chemistry between them feels authentic. The film is buoyed by a soundtrack that reflects the urgency of youth, and the club scenes are shot with dazzling color, an escape from the dreariness of everyday life. Writer and director Miriam Keshavarz has provided a complex, rare and intimate glimpse into a culture wrestling between rigid traditional values and the human desire to be free.




Subtitles: English (soft) και ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι απο τη ζαφ

Joven y alocada (2012)

Audio Language: Español
aka Young and Wild
Daniela is a young teenager living in Santiago, Chile, with a blossoming interest in sex and a curiosity that she can't satisfy because of the moral conflicts between these desires and the authority of her religious and conservative family.
Unable to express herself publicly, she finds an escape in a blog where she share with other young people her experiences, desires and fantasies.
When she is expelled from her conservative school for sleeping with another student, she finds herself meeting new people, exploring new relationships and confronting the problems of a love triangle.



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Outlaugh! (2006)

This hilarious, historic concert film showcases the funniest queer stand-up comics and queer sketch groups working in America today.
Outlaugh! takes you on stage and backstage with fiery headliner Lea DeLaria, as well as Bob Smith, Page Hurwitz, Karen Ripley, Jason Stuart, Mark Davis, Sabrina Matthews, Andre Kelley, Jerry Calumn, Stephanie Howard, Jen Slusser, Jason Dudey, Roy Cruz, Charlie Vaughn, Bobaloo, Ariana, Bill Cruz, The Gay Mafia, The Nellie Olesons, and Outlaugh! Creator Mike Player.
Outlaugh! is a rib-tickling ride that captures some of the funniest queers who have ever dared to strut their stuff.

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Strange Frame: Love & Sax (2012)

720p HD
Strange Frame is by far the most original queer film that’s touched my DVD player in years. I’ll go one further: the self-described “first animated sci-fi lesbian rock musical” starring a cast of sci-fi star voice talent is probably the trippiest lesbian film ever made. You’ll know from that description whether you’ll love this 90-minute fever dream or shrug it off as a bizarro head-scratcher, but fans of seriously offbeat entertainment are in for a treat.
The story is set far in the far future, after a poisoned earth has been abandoned. Humanity is divided by class and by mutation – most of the working class (known as “debt slaves,” but you could probably just call them the future’s answer to the 99%) has been genetically modified to better suit them for their particular band of labor. Those in the middle and upper classes have been enhanced for a variety of other reasons, chiefly aesthetic.
The film is presented in hyper-stylized cutout animation. Some scenes are clearly 3D, while others – mainly those featuring just the characters themselves, more closely resemble a 2D puppet show on acid. The color scheme is wild throughout – blue and green and fuchsia and drop-dead gorgeous from the first frame. If ever you wondered what a truly unhinged mash-up of the dominant production styles of Heavy Metal, Barbarella and Blade Runner would look like, here’s your chance.
The music is just as trippy (and delicious) as the visuals, and the cast is just about perfect. Claudia Black in particular steals the show as the lovely, wild-haired Parker, a spunky lady with an old fashioned saxophone. Tim Curry is also fantastic (of course) as the demonic Mig, and Cree Summer steals every scene as Reesa, a phone sex operator by trade and the crusty, hilarious first mate on a ship that proves helpful to Parker. Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine) has the best cameo by far as a guard frazzled by Reesa’s... skills.
Strange Frame won best feature film at Dragon Con this year, and it’s easy (for me, at least) to see why. Here is something truly unique among the queer film canon, with an unapologetically weird and wild vision and a real honest-to-god earnestness that can only come from a labor of love. Review by Afterellen



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