Cristina and Isabel - Tierra de Lobos

Tierra de Lobos is a western television series set in Spain in the late nineteenth century.  It’s mainly centers around the conflict between the Lobo family, brothers Bravo and the town’s people.
Isabel Lobo (played by Adriana Torrebejano) is the second daughter of Antonio Lobo. He has four daughters and the others are Almudena, Nieves & Rosa, who is blind. She’s a real tomboy. She likes guns, working on the farm and hunting with the boys. She’s doesn’t adhere to the restrictions placed on women at that time. In the second season we find her dealing with her attraction towards women in particular Cristina. Cristina (played by Berta Hernandez) is a prostitute. She’s ambitious and strong. Isabel’s father is actually a regular customer of hers.


Compilation from season 1 & 2:

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